Mittwoch, 25. April 2018

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  1. America’s Weak Case Against China

    The US Trade Representative appears to have made an ironclad case against China in the so-called Section 301 report issued on March 22. But the report – now widely viewed as evidence justifying the Trump administration's recent tariffs and other punitive measures against China – is wide of the mark in several key areas.

  2. Quratulain Fatima on Gender and Politics in Pakistan

    Nearly a century after women around the world began gaining the right to vote, their descendants are demanding an end to harassment and abuse, and governments and businesses are taking action. But as gender development specialist Quratulain Fatima notes, Pakistan is a troubling exception to the global trend.

  3. Staying on Track to End Malaria

    The world has spent decades fighting to eradicate malaria, and has formally committed to doing so by 2030. But despite the remarkable progress that has been made, the emergence of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes and drug-resistant strains of the disease itself show that much work remains to be done.

  4. Macron’s Real Limits

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel demonstrated the limits of his method. Seemingly compelling oratory does not necessarily translate into feasible policies.

  5. Time for a Global Financial Makeover

    In the past three years, the world has made some progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, but the fundamental issue of financing the SDGs remains unresolved. And, with the financial sector strongly oriented toward short-termism, the necessary investments may never materialize.

  6. The Low Costs of a Zero-Carbon Economy

    The challenge in moving to a fully "green" economy now concerns harder-to-abate sectors such as trucking, shipping and aviation, steel, cement, and chemicals. To make the same rapid progress there that has been made in renewable-energy technologies requires the same type of forward-looking policies.

  7. The Drums of Trade War

    With Chinese President Xi Jinping willing to make some concessions to the US, the world may yet avoid a trade war. But the reason Sino-American relations have soured is the Trump administration's worldview, not external balances.

  8. Macron’s Vital Message

    In a recent speech, Macron set out a potent agenda: the EU must convince its citizens that it deserves their support, by engaging with them directly and offering a compelling narrative that emphasizes its unwavering commitment to liberal democracy. Everyone who believes in the EU should now be stepping up to support that vision.

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