Montag, 19. Februar 2018

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  1. Ending America’s Disastrous Role in Syria

    America’s official narrative has sought to conceal the scale and calamitous consequences of US efforts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. That is understandable, because US efforts are in blatant violation of international law, which bars UN member states from supporting military action to overthrow other members' governments.

  2. In Search of a Global Refugee Strategy

    When leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean gather in Brazil this month to discuss solutions to the global refugee crisis, the rest of the world should pay attention. With a legacy of opening doors to the displaced, and aiding in their resettlement, the region's approach should inspire a more unified and humane global strategy.

  3. Free Speech in the Filter Age

    In a democracy, the rights of the many cannot come at the expense of the rights of the few. In the age of algorithms, government must, more than ever, ensure the protection of vulnerable voices, even erring on victims’ side at times.

  4. How IT Threatens Democracy

    Social media could be just the start of a slippery slope leading to an Orwellian world controlled by Big Data Brother, accelerated by convergence with the sensors in our devices and rapid advances in artificial intelligence. Some authoritarian regimes are already marshaling these developments to exercise control on an unprecedented scale.

  5. The Data-Driven City

    One of the most significant innovations in urban planning is the embrace of "open data": user-generated information that can provide valuable insights into how people use cities. If shared and analyzed properly, these nuggets of digital detail can be a real-time blueprint for solving cities' most pressing challenges.

  6. The AI Debate We Need

    Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and related technologies have contributed to fears of widespread job losses and social disruptions in the coming years, giving a sense of urgency to debates about the future of work. But such discussions, though surely worth having, only scratch the surface of what an AI society might look like.

  7. PS. Explain This: Qatar's Continued Isolation

    Since June, Qatar has suffered a crippling air and sea blockade orchestrated by its powerful Arab neighbors – Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Egypt and Bahrain have since gotten on board, and now, more than eight months on, Qatar's withering isolation shows no sign of abating. PS Associate Editor Greg Bruno explains.

  8. Three Keys to a New South Africa

    After nearly a decade of Jacob Zuma's misrule, South Africans are eager for a leader who can reverse their country's political and economic fortunes. ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa may have the mandate to do so, but delivering change will require urgent measures to boost economic growth in the short term and long-term potential output.

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