Samstag, 21. April 2018

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Robb Leipper - Dekkard's mixtape

Alves Chambery 314

Liquid Lounge 43

Luc Forlorn Namaste 10

Luc Forlorn 9

Ambient- Electronic- Meditation

Guy J - The Anjunadeep Edition 170

Be Svendsen & Unders b2b

Live at Burning Man 2017

Unusual Cosmic Process

Sequenchill 55

Henry Saiz - BBC Essential Mix 09/2017

YEM: Grīṣma

Colors of Sound 056

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Change will happen, when you change yourself.



Exploring The Shift. The Shift is not a thing. It is an action and a state of being, a Shift of awareness from EGO- to ECO-System.