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We need to understand the process of change, so that we can influence it, says James GoodmanWhy it’s worth thinking in trends

Pressures on Land - Rise in Religion - Hyperconnectivity - Environmental Impacts of Climate - Change - Global Economic Shifts - Heading for 10 Billion - Global Governance - Emerging Civil Society - Perceptions of Science and Technology - Rise of Non-Communicable Diseases - The Informal World - Ubiquity of Data - Feeding the World - The Energy Transformation - Increased Mobility - Dealing with Climate Change - Pollution - Water Scarce World - Ecosystems in Decline - Resource Scarcity - Increasing Inequality - The Growing Middle Class - Shifting Trade Patterns - Ageing World - Migration - The Female Century - Urbanisation - Empowered Consumers - Business in Society - Geopolitical Instability - Healthcare - From Cure to Prevention - Augmented Humans - Smart Everything - Educational Access and Quality - Biotech Frontiers - A Changing Workforce - Circular Economy - Distributed Manufacturing



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Change will happen, when you change yourself.




Exploring The Shift. The Shift is not a thing. It is an action and a state of being, a Shift of awareness from EGO- to ECO-System.