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Bewältigung der Flüchtlingskrise

Deutsches Institut für EntwicklungspolitikEuropa kann keine Inseln der Glückseligen sein, weil grenzüberschreitende Krisen durch Mauern, Wegschauen und nicht-Handeln nicht einfach verschwinden. Das ist die Lehre von 2015: Finanzmarktkrisen und Griechenland, Ebola, Charlie Hebdo und islamistischer Terror mitten in Europa, weltweite Datenspionage bis ins Kanzleramt, das Elend der Flüchtlinge. 2015 ist kein ungewöhnliches Krisenjahr, auf das wieder ruhigeres Fahrwasser folgt. Unter Bedingungen umfassender Globalisierung müssen wir endlich lernen, deren Bumerangeffekte dauerhaft zu beherrschen, wenn Wohlstand und Demokratie eine Zukunft haben sollen.

Toyota i-Road Carsharing

Toyota i-RoadToyota i-Road to “change the amazement of today into the commonplace of tomorrow” The Ha:Mo Project. TOYOTA changed the automotive industry with the Prius. Now, nearly two decades later, the Japanese motoring innovator is spreading the word on a new revolution in mobility with the launch of the i-Road. The new electric vehicle and car-sharing concept has been accompanied by a compelling digital marketing plan aimed at getting cities across the world on board.

SUSTAINIA100 - 2014

sustainia100This guide to 100 innovative solutions from around the world presents readily available projects at the forefront of sustainable transformation. These solutions will inspire investors, business leaders, policy makers and consumers all over the world to shape the future into a sustainable future.

Redesigning Organisations for Resilience

Nature of BusinessThis book sets out a new business paradigm. Author Giles Hutchins presents the challenges to the prevailing ‘business as usual’ model, explains the pressing need for transformational change, and reveals the concepts and mindsets necessary to inspire the businesses of tomorrow. Going beyond current approaches to responsible and green business, Hutchins focuses on the emergence of new ways of operating and creating value in an increasingly volatile and interconnected world.

Urban Design Awards 2014

Masterplanning FuturesUrban design is the collaborative and multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical setting for life in cities, towns and villages; the art of making places; design in an urban context. Urban design involves the design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces and landscapes, and the establishment of frameworks and processes that facilitate successful development. The winners in the Practice, Public Sector, Developer and Student Award categories were selected by a vote of the Urban Design Group membership.

Stuffocation - less but better stuff

stuffocationStuffocation explains how less but better stuff and space can lead to more time, more experiences, more connecting with people and therefore more happiness. Designed right, small is the new big. Stuffocation explains how less but better stuff and space can lead to more time, more experiences, more connecting with people and therefore more happiness.

Sharing Economy + Political Evolution

share world resourcesCan the sharing economy movement address the root causes of the world’s converging crises? Unless the sharing of resources is promoted in relation to human rights and concerns for equity, democracy, social justice and sustainability, then such claims are without substantiation – although there are many hopeful signs that the conversation is slowly moving in the right direction.


collaborative changeCollaborative Change is a multi-disciplinary approach to social innovation, driven by the power of participation. It is being applied by public, private and third sector organisations to develop insight, trigger innovation and measure impact within hard-to-reach communities. 


LeWebLeWeb is the most talked about international conference for start-ups and all web entrepreneurs looking to kick start and accelerate their business, reach global media, or discover the next great idea. Launched in 2004 by Loïc and Geraldine Le Meur, LeWeb Paris is Europe’s leading Internet conference, networking and business event. Each year LeWeb Paris brings together start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, Tech leaders, visionary thinkers, business angels, specialist bloggers and media who are operating in the vast Internet eco-system.

A Model for Truly Affordable Green Cohousing

lilacThe triple bottom line for business is people, planet, profit. What is it for housing? A group of people in Leeds, England have built a cohousing project that sets a triple-benefit bar for housing projects by prioritizing three core tenets: the environment, affordability, and community.

Consumer Behavior and Sustainability

© Copyright 2013 BSRIncreasing numbers of businesses are enabling sustainable consumer behaviors such as recycling, healthy living, the purchase of sustainable products, product take-back, and water conservation. According to new survey results released today by BSR and Futerra, business leaders expect exponential growth in consumer interest and business action on these sustainable lifestyles issues within five years. At the same time, they are struggling to articulate that potential within their current business models.


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