Piercing the Veil of Reality

Freedom & The Splitting of Humanity

Freedom and Sovereignty

Seeking freedom and sovereignty only externally is futile as long as we have not learned to self-govern and self-rule

And this is the hardest part of the work for the resistance of our lower nature, ego, unconsciousness / shadow with layers of suppressed wounds/traumas, programs, conditioning, attachments, and various occult forces acting upon us is strong…very strong…there are distractions and temptations everywhere.

The inner conquest is a battle indeed, much harder than the outer battle, hence many people avoid it and externalize everything, caught in endless victim/perpetrator/rescuer cycles, fighting shadows on the wall as they kill each other.

We must have faith and patience for we are still little children in light of our evolutionary stage during this Time of Transition.

We cannot force the process for the kingdom of heaven cannot be taken by storm. It can only be revealed by clearing and transmuting what is in the way of anchoring the Divine Light.

And this process does require conscious inner work with sincere aspiration. Sincerity with self is key and also the hardest to establish, no matter what image we try to portray externally or even to ourselves.

An intellectual understanding and pretense only result in spiritual bypassing and more lies to the self.

Be gentle with yourself but don’t lie to yourself about what is necessary to truly awaken and live in the Divine as a fully spiritualized soul embodied Divine Being.

But before we can become spiritualized and bring forth the soul/true self, we need to become individuated and fully integrated internally [which is the purpose of shadow work]. This step cannot be skipped. Trying it only results in spiritual bypassing.

Most of the people are still in the consensus state of hive mind existence , identified with certain groups, culture, society, religions, ideologies, political parties, flags, where most of their desires, wants, and needs are also culturally/socially conditioned or they are compensations due to [unconscious] trauma, insecurity, etc……like children in adult suits, trying to fill a bottomless hole.

Right now, during this phase of the „awakening“ – which implies often a ‘shocking/rude’ awakening – millions of people are just starting their journey of individuation, for the first time in lifetimes.

They are just barely getting out of the consensus state of the masses and herd consciousness which is already challenging as it means to let go of old beliefs, what they „thought“ they wanted, and attachments to past associations, friends, and even family – and most importantly, who they “thought” they were.

It is a rebirth process. The old needs to die before the new can emerge.

Others fall deeper into the abyss of disintegration and won’t come out this life. We saw it happening over the past three years and it is now even more intensifying.

There is nothing wrong with this for all there is are lessons in the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness. Some need more lifetimes until the soul is ripe enough to embark on the process of individuation consciously.

It’s part and the reason for the „splitting of humanity“ as prophesized by various esoteric traditions [not to be confused with the artificial Divide & Conquer agenda]. It requires the necessary phase of loneliness to establish healthy solitude and an orientation towards the inner life so we stop grasping externally

Wherever you are on your journey and evolutionary trajectory, know that there is a bigger plan unfolding which you are part of; it’s a Divine plan and no human will can override it.

The task is to align our little personal will with Divine Will, which is easier said than done due to the aforementioned [inner] resistance.

We still have a long road and adventure ahead of us and work to do. But it is the very reason we came here for and participate in.

The only way out is in and through.

Bernhard Guenther

He has written more about this topic six years ago:

“Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life”

Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life



Transform Scarcity Consciousness Into Prosperity Through Connecting To Your Creative Power And Purpose with Bernhard Guenther
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Creating Abundance Seems Out Of Reach For Many

So much of being able to enjoy life depends on how safe we feel physically and materially. Yet, so many people have picked up false beliefs about themselves and money that prevents them from building the security that they so desperately need to thrive.

This is because many of us have been programmed with false beliefs about money which can keep you stuck in survival mode for decades of your life.

This course will help you examine and shift your attitudes towards money and show you how to create more abundance in alignment with your deepest values by understanding the true meaning of prosperity.

This course will help you examine and shift your attitudes towards money and show you how to create more abundance in alignment with your deepest values by understanding the true meaning of prosperity.

Move from surviving to thriving by cutting through unconscious scarcity programs, false spiritual beliefs around money, and understand how to increase the flow of money into your life using nothing but your own creative soul power that is in alignment with Divine Will.


What You Will Learn In this 3-week course:

  1. How To Identify The Obstacles In your Life That Are Blocking You From Creating More Abundance And Prosperity In Your Life
  2. ​How to Cut Through The Matrix Scarcity Program, False Spiritual & Religious Programming Around Money, And The Popular Misconceptions & Myths Surrounding Wealth And Money
  3. ​The Deeper Psycho-Spiritual Principles & Universal Laws Behind The Growth Of Wealth
  4. ​How To Increase The Inflow Of Money And Thrive In Your Creative Power In Alignment With Divine Will And Your Soul Purpose


THE INSPIRATION for this webinar is my personal journey of cutting through my own scarcity consciousness and offering to you the roadmap on what I did to heal my own self-sabotage patterns and false spiritual beliefs I had around money and wealth.

In my own journey, I was never interested in money for the sake of it and in achieving success in a world where most people have lost their connection to Spirit, Nature, and Soul essence.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people equate “success” with money and fame, and their drive to create abundance is not aligned with higher values and integrity, which creates all sorts of corruption and greed.

I’ve also noticed many people (especially in spiritual communities) reject the money force and project their shadow, unhappiness, and unconscious envy & jealousy on anyone whom they see as wealthy and successful— which keeps them in scarcity consciousness themselves.

On top of that, there has also been a corruption of spirituality and religious programming going on for thousands of years as part of what I call the “matrix poverty program”, where people think that money or wealth is not “spiritual” and to earn or charge money in itself is “wrong” and it’s a virtue to be poor.

The intention of this workshop is not only to help you increase abundance and prosperity in your life but also to help you to find a sense of deeper meaning in your life, so the pursuit of wealth is not just for the sake of it but is aligned with your unique purpose in alignment with Divine Will.

As spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo has stated, the forces of Money, Sex, and Power have been hijacked by the hostile forces. As a result, many (especially those interested in spiritual work) will either reject the money force entirely based on those false beliefs, while the average person driven by greed and unconscious trauma can easily be tempted to fall into the trap of mindless consumption and materialism addicted to their lower nature or trying to fill a hole within.

This in-depth training, taking place over 3 weeks, is designed to go beyond these two popular manifestations regarding money we usually tend to see in the world (rejection or indulgence) and shows you how to reconquer the money force (along with the forces of Power and Sex) from the hostile forces for the Divine.

It teaches you what the „right uses of money“ are so you can thrive more in prosperity yourself, creating fulfillment and inner alignment by creating abundance from your Essence.

This evolutionary cycle of upheaval, breakdowns, and breakthroughs holds immense potential to create real fulfillment and prosperity within yourself and in your life based on your inherent higher values and unique soul potential in integrity with your true Self.

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What Is Soul Purpose & Alignment With Divine Will?
Unconscious Scarcity Beliefs, Shadow Projections, And Trauma Responses Regarding Money, Wealth, And Abundance.
The 5 Core Unconscious Self-Defeating Beliefs Most People Suffer From Inhibiting Abundance & Prosperity.
Money & Spirituality (Cutting Through Self-Defeating Scarcity-Inducing False Spiritual Beliefs).
The Matrix Scarcity/Poverty Program
Scarcity Consciousness vs. Abundance Consciousness
Positive Affirmations, Visualizing, NLP, And Self-Hypnosis – Do They Really Work?
The Tricky Business and Possible Occult Traps Of “Manifesting Your Desires/Reality”
Where Do Your Desires Come From & What Do You Really Want?
Success, Entrepreneurship, And Toxic Shame (Don’t Get Fooled By Appearances!)
Loss Of Essence And The False Personality
Desires vs. Values

Cutting Through Popular Myths And Distortions (“There Are No Limitations, “The Law Of Attraction”, “Ask And You Shall Receive”, “You Create Your Own Reality”)
The Real Secret Of Reality Creation
Understanding Frequency Resonance Vibration And How You Truly Raise Your Frequency/Vibration
How To Follow Your Bliss And What It Really Means
The Importance To Engage The Will And Commitment
The Attention Economy And Short Attention Span Epidemic That Keeps People Entrapped And Impoverished [By Design] The Deeper Psycho-Spiritual Principles Behind The Growth Of Wealth
The Lakshmi Archetype Of Wealth, Beauty, Power, And Prosperity
What Is The “Right Use Of Money”? Part1
Tapping Into Abundance Consciousness And What It Means To Be Spiritual
The Movement Of Growth, Money Power, And The Opulence Of Nature
Accessing Your Creative Potential & How To Know That You Are On The Right Track
How To Invest In Yourself To Create More Abundance
The 11 Attributes Of The Most Successful And Powerful Teachers, Mentors, Coaches/Therapists, And Entrepreneurs

The Importance Of Commitment And Decisiveness
Conquering The Fear Of Making Bad Decisions
Embracing The Unknown & The True Meaning Of Intuition
How Indecisiveness Leaves You Vulnerable And Open For Occult Attack
The Temptation And Potential Matrix Traps Of “Free” Stuff
Opening The Flow Of The Money Force In Your Life
How Wealth And Prosperity Grow
The Corruption Of Spirituality Regarding The Money Force (And How It Kept People Impoverished For Thousands Of Years)
What Is The “Right Use Of Money”? Part 2
How To Invoke, View, And Use Money As A Divine Power
Reconquering The Forces Of Money, Power, And Sex From The Lower Nature & Asuric Hostile “Matrix” Forces
Does Bitcoin Fix This?
What Forces And Consciousness Are Behind The Emergence Of BTC & Crypto?
How To Thrive And Be Successful with Integrity and Authenticity


  1. What To Do To Come More In Alignment With Your Purpose, Divine Will, And What You Truly Want
  2. ​How To Overcome Any Obstacles And Blockages That Are In The Way Of Creating More Abundance And Prosperity In Your Life.
  3. ​How To Open The Money Flow In Your Life In And Tap Into Your Inherent Creative Potential.



Nachhaltigkeit + die Entdeckung Trojanischer Pferde…

Populäre Projektionen dessen, wie eine Bewusstseinsveränderung aussehen wird, sind in den meisten Fällen nur eine Neugestaltung der „alten Denkschablonen „. Eine größere, bessere Box, in der das Paradigma aufgewertet wird, das die Bedingungen verbessert, unter denen wir unsere Sucht auf eine „grüne“ Art und Weise genießen können.

So wichtig wie das ökologische Bewusstsein ist, es ist nicht genug. Das neue Paradigma kann nicht aus der intellektuellen Abstraktion einer dualistischen Interpretation einer „besseren Welt“ verwirklicht werden, die auf der Infrastruktur der existierenden Varianten-Matrix aufbaut, die dieses Paradigma erzeugt.

Gut zu wissen
Informationen zu akutellen Themen