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© giken.comBicycle is an easy-to-ride transportation. Recently it is getting a lot of attention as a no emission vehicle. Despite the fact, many things are still left unsolved in Japan. Bicycle roads are not popular, yet. Land values are too high to develop appropriate capacity bicycle parking. That is why nuisance parking is found anywhere at footpath in urban area. Those parked bicycles would spoil surrounding sight and bother ambulance access and fire-fighting operations. It is considered to be a social problem.

What Money Can't Buy

Michael SandelThe popularity of Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel’s new book in China is a sign of the real hunger for public debate on the environmental and social costs of markets. “We live in a time when almost everything is up for sale”, argues Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel in his new book What Money Can’t Buy. In South Africa, ranchers can buy the right to kill an endangered black rhino for US$15,000. In Europe US$18 buys you the right to emit a metric tonne of carbon into the atmosphere. In India, US$6,250 will buy you the services of a surrogate mother.

The Sustainability Generation

solutionsThere is a reason that children are better at attaching candles to walls, and it has to do with sustainability. In a standard test of reasoning, you are given a candle, a box of thumbtacks, and a book of matches. Your task is to attach the candle to the wall so that it does not drip onto the table below. I thought about how to melt the wax and use it to stick the candle to the wall. What would you do?

China’s geoengineering plans

cloud ceedingThe authorities are increasing their cloud-seeding ambitions in response to drought, but many experts are sceptical about the benefits. Airplanes loaded with cloud-seeding chemicals swept across southwest China early last month in a bid to bring rain to the drought-parched region. Tens of thousands of rockets and battalions of cannons stood poised to ambush stray clouds that might pass unwittingly into view.

Urban farming on brink of corporate era

urban farmingA mix of new and old technologies such as aquaponics and polytunnels are helping to make profitable city-based farming a reality in the world’s biggest cities. The hype over urban farming is spreading. International media continue to clamour over the latest rooftop and trendy vertical farming projects in Beijing, London, New York and other cities around the world.

China’s Environment

Li-KeqiangExpectations for the government’s environmental policies are high following the change in leadership. At his debut press conference, Li Keqiang, China’s newly appointed premier, promised to tackle China’s pollution crisis with “an iron fist, firm resolution and tough measures”. After admitting to feeling “upset” about the smoggy weather affecting Beijing and large parts of China’s more affluent eastern areas, the new premier hinted that the government is rethinking the country’s development model.


lohas good lifeLOHAS is an idea that has become the movement for our generation, aiming to bring sustainable environmental, economic and social balance back to our planet. We want to inspire individuals and businesses to find their own unique way of living sustainably. It's become a way of life for millions of people around the world and you're now the latest part of it. Welcome to LOHAS!


Logo LOHAS APACWhat is LOHAS? LOHAS is a MOVEMENT that aims to bring balance back to our planet by inspiring individuals and businesses to find their own unique way of being environmentally friendly. We believe that every person on this planet has the power to play a major role in saving the planet. They only have to tap into their own uniqueness to discover a way to contribute a sustainable lifestyle that will both improve their health and the living standard of not only themselves but all those around them.

Greenpeace Dirty Laundry Report

Greenpeace-Aktivisten fordern die Marktführer auf, auch beim Umweltschutz sportlichen Ehrgeiz zu beweisen und gefährliche Chemikalien aus ihrer Produktion zu verbannen. Zeitgleich veröffentlicht Greenpeace den Report Schmutzige Wäsche (PDF 2.3MB). Der Report gibt Einblick in die Belastung chinesischer Flüsse durch die Textil-Produktion internationaler Markenhersteller. Greenpeace-Analysen von Abwasser-Proben an zwei bedeutenden Textilfabriken im Jangtse- und Pearlfluss-Delta belegen eine große Anzahl hormonell wirksamer oder giftiger Chemikalien.

LOHAS-ians are Changing the Asian Markets

As current studies confirm, more and more consumers in the Asian-Pacific region are seeking out sustainably produced products and are willing to spend more money for them. Environmentally conscious consumers, who are increasingly forcing dealers and manufacturers to minimise waste and energy consumption, are taking the offensive throughout the world. The “LOHASians” are currently embracing this “green” consumption at a rapid tempo and are stimulating the billion-dollar business even more strongly worldwide.


Japan LOHAS Consumer Trends Database

Some of the driving forces into the LOHAS movement are evident across the world, including Japan. This is due to a variety of societal and cultural influences. The implications for companies operating in either Japan and the U.S. are immense, and NMI can help you understand and capitalize on them.


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