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The Breakthrough Capitalism Program came about as a call to transformative action.It is designed to help shift the debate from change-as-usual approaches, which riskleaving problematic system dynamics untouched, with growing risks of systemic breakdown, to breakthrough innovation and strategies. These are defined by theirability to spur significant shifts towards a more resilient, equitable and sustainable economic order.


logo eco-innovera1Eco-Innovations, i.e. “green” technologies, processes, products and services have an increasing impact for the global competitiveness of European industry. To reach a worldwide leading position, it needs to boost the implementation of Eco-Innovations in industry, especially in SMEs.

PUMA InCycle Collection

puma-incycle-cradle-to-cradle-7Industry giant PUMA  formally announced its InCycle collection of apparel, shoes, and gear. After a long, happy, useful life with their delighted purchasers, these amazing products will return safely to nature or industry. PUMA product designers worked closely with Cradle to Cradle® experts at EPEA to develop products that meet the requirements for Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM "BASIC", the first step on a path of continuous improvement.

CSR News Feed

logo csreuropeThe Largest CSR Network in Europe. CSR Europe’s network of national partner organisations brings together 35 membership-based, business-led CSR organisations from around 30 European countries. In total, the network reaches out to approximately 4000 companies throughout Europe.


New Report - Life Beyond Growth

cover lifebeyondgrowthNew Report "Life Beyond Growth" Describes an Economic Revolution in the Making. The Tokyo-based Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society (ISHES) today released a groundbreaking report, Life Beyond Growth, which documents the rapid rise of new economic ideas once deemed "alternative."

Interpack and Sustainability

Sustainability is steadily gaining in importance for consumers. They want ethically and ecologically impeccable products, packaged in a resource-conserving manner that nevertheless ensures their product’s perfect condition when purchased. This is a major challenge to packaging producers, as the industry wants to save on materials without compromising the stability of the packaging in any way.

Kinder in Industrieländern

thumb_unicef07UNICEF-Bericht zur Situation der Kinder in Industrieländern. Bei dem UNICEF-Vergleich der zentralen Aspekte kindlicher Entwicklung in 21 Industrieländern kommt Deutschland nur auf Rang 11. Die Niederlande führen die UNICEF-Tabelle als kinderfreundlichstes Land an, gefolgt von Schweden, Dänemark und Finnland.

EUROPA - Mehr als eine Hoffnung

Dorothea ZimmerZunächst einmal erleben wir die Welt vielfach als immer unübersichtlicher, chaotischer, fragmentierter und gefährlicher. In Bezug auf Europa ist zunehmend von gesichtsloser Technokratie und absurder Bürokratie in Brüssel, von einer Sinnkrise der europäischen Vision und der drohenden Beherrschung des Lebens durch brutale Markt- und Machtgesetze auch im europäischen Lebensraum die Rede.

Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals

inequalityThe Sustainable Development Goals – despite their positive and progressive rhetoric – by no means constitute a transformative agenda for meeting the basic needs of all people within the means of our shared planet. This report argues that we may never see an end to poverty “in all its forms everywhere” unless ordinary people unite in their millions and demand the universal realisation of fundamental human rights through huge, continuous and worldwide demonstrations for economic justice.

What comes from the heart reaches the heart

Artist Prince EaInspirational artist Prince Ea, Founder of Make SMART Cool and the brain behind the viral “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” video (http://lohasfilm.de/hHT4), then shared his perspective on the power of content. Notwithstanding the standing ovation he received from the audience prior to his talk – only the second standing ovation in SB’s plenary history – Prince Ea’s heartfelt presentation urged brand leaders to use creativity and emotion to reach people from all walks of life to do good. “I believe that what comes from the heart reaches the heart. When it comes from the heart, people will be drawn to the brand,” he said.

Innovation and Transformation, Are You Ready?

matterI’ve written a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT), wherein a rapidly growing number of machines and sensors have IP addresses and they are connected, gathering and transmitting information all the time. But in the world of extreme connectivity we’re building, it isn’t all about data collection and high-speed analytics. There’s going to be a reorientation in the way we think about energy too.


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Exploring The Shift. The Shift is not a thing. It is an action and a state of being, a Shift of awareness from EGO- to ECO-System.


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