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New Rules of Green Marketing

Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding. Green has gone mainstream. What used to be a fringe market that appealed to a faction of eco-hippies is now a bona fide $290 billion industry ranging from organic foods to hybrid cars, ecotourism to green home furnishings.

State of Green Business 2011

The fourth annual edition of our State of Green Business report continues. Our efforts to measure the environmental impacts of the emerging green economy. We document how well -- or poorly -- companies are improving their environmental performance despite the challenges posed by the Great Recession, and begin to note promising signs for a sea change in corporate sustainability efforts.

Life Map - ResourcesForLife

mapSummary. This diagram shows Resources for Life from a holistic living perspective. There is no particular order to explore the circle, but you should be growing in each area of your life represented by the various elements of the circle. Each element of the circle is interdependent and can be effected by every other element. Work around the circle utilizing the resources here to improve your life, your community, and the world.

The 2010 Sins of Greenwashing study

greenwashingHave you heard the news? TerraChoice released its 2010 Sins of Greenwashing: Home and Family Edition on Oct. 26 - TerraChoice’s third study of the environmental marketing claims found on consumer products. The premise of the Sins of Greenwashing report is that, in the midst of consumer confusion over green product claims, there is a tremendous opportunity to educate both consumers and companies.

LOHAS Index - Nachhaltigkeit

thumb_index-logoAls neuestes Produkt hat NMI einen neuen Nachhaltigkeits-Index, den "LOHAS Index" entwickelt. Dieser Index beinhaltet 50 amerikanische Firmen. Ziel dieses Indexes ist es, die Wertentwicklung im Hinblick auf Corporate Social Responsebility (CSR) und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Zeitverlauf darzustellen.

China dominiert die Welt

Die unipolare Welt der US-Hegemonie ist beendet. Es haben nur noch nicht alle bemerkt. Bevor wir also diskutieren, was der Aufstieg Chinas bedeutet, sollten wir schleunigst die Scheuklappen abnehmen und die Welt betrachten wie sie aussieht, wenn man sie aus einer globalen Perspektive betrachtet, und nicht mit dem provinziellen Blick eines Westens, der sich fortgesetzt für den Nabel der Welt hält. Diese Zeiten sind vorbei.

China Smog Documentary - Under the Dome

China SmogDocumentary by former CCTV anchor about impact of Beijing's smog on her child gets hundreds of millions of clicks in just a few days after going online. After her unborn daughter was diagnosed with a tumor, former CCTV reporter Chai Jing quit her job and self-funded a one million yuan (US$160,000) documentary on China’s smog. 'Under the Dome' took a year to make, and since its release has become an online sensation.

Waking the Green Tiger: the rise of China's green movement

Waking the Green TigerThe documentary film Waking the Green Tiger describes how the media, NGOs and locals joined forces to block construction of a dam at Tiger Leaping Gorge on the Jinsha River in Yunnan - a campaign seen as a turning point for China’s environmental movement. After their recent success in winning Phoenix TV's Green China prize for documentary-makingchinadialogue interviewed the director, Canadian filmmaker Gary Marcuse and Shi Lihong, an independent Chinese producer who helped make the film.

China and Germany falling behind on green building targets

© by Rolf Disch SolarArchitectureMore investment is needed in both China and Germany to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment. China and Germany have both set themselves ambitious environmental targets: China aims to reduce its carbon intensity by 40-45% in 2020 compared to 2005. And Germany intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% (in 2020), 55% (in 2030), 70% (in 2040) and 80-95% (in 2050) compared to 1990. Furthermore, Germany has recently decided to conduct the so-called Energiewende, an energy turnaround with a phase out plan for nuclear power plants. For both countries, these targets present great challenges.

LOHAS + Life Changing Events

Life Changing EventsLife Changing Events are a non government, independent, community health initiative driven to change the way we eat, drink and think. We create healthy sustainable communities supporting a local living economy that will nourish families forever! LCEs vision is to provide education, films, forums, sustainable living classes and eat yourself well workshops, to improve the health & wellbeing outcomes of our community for the better.

Ecological City in China

Image by Tianjin Eco-cityAlthough Tianjin has been feted as a model eco-city, its over reliance on new technology and local government power blocs puts its sustainability into question. Environmental degradation in China has now become so severe that it is no longer just an issue threatening public health but also poses a challenge to urban social stability. There are more than 200 eco-city projects in China today, such as this one in the city of Tianjin in northern China.


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