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Embodied Soul Awakening

Four-fold approach of holistic self-work

The Ongoing Work During This Time Of Transition

Over the past four years, Laura and I have offered our „Time of Transition: Embodied Soul Awakening“ private group program 12 times and each round filled up before the program started.

Every time, more and more people applied. It’s encouraging to see how many people are drawn to this vital work that is essential for the times we’re in.

We offer a unique combination of deep „inner work“ to understand your Self based on the four-fold approach of holistic self-work, which includes somatic psychological work, embodiment practices, esoteric spiritual work, evolutionary astrology, past life/ancestral work,

…and deep „outer work“ so that you can see the world clearly and understand the larger cosmic forces (including the occult [hidden] matrix and divine forces) that operate within this universe [and within you] in light of the evolution of consciousness during this Time of Transition to help you come more in alignment with your true Self, the Divine, and your deeper soul purpose for being here.

The spiritual warriors who have joined our Embodied Soul Awakening program are from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Saudi Arabia, South America, South Africa, etc., ranging from 22 years to 80 years old.

But they all have one thing in common: a deep internal call to embrace and participate in this adventure of consciousness during this Time of Transition we find ourselves in collectively. And it will only intensify as Pluto moves into Aquarius and stays there for 20 years, starting in January 2024. Soul embodiment is KEY for the times ahead, so we ride the wave of the Plutonian evolutionary forces and don’t get tumbled underneath it. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Our program is distinctly different from traditional self-help coaching or self-actualization programs. While they have their place, this course is for people who want to go deeper and beyond „personality development“ [or New Age spiritual bypassing] and embrace the process of individuation to come into a higher alignment of SELF grounded in everyday life.

Some participants who joined us over the years are also professional therapists and coaches because they don’t find the education we provide through mainstream sources or in the integral way we offer it, or they need to go deeper into their processes.

Additionally, we ALL need support and keep doing the work, regardless of our „profession“ or how long we think we have already done it.

The seasoned veterans on the path know about the traps and temptations as the ego always lurks to intellectualize the process without embodying it, and hence over-estimates itself, believing it is „special“ and already „done“ with the work.

This deception often shows itself when looking for more „advanced knowledge“ while „dreaming of being awake.“ You also can only do so much self-work by yourself until you start deceiving yourself. The relational aspect is critical, especially when it comes to shadow work!

Many people also join our program because they have become disillusioned with their coaches/therapists, friends, and family who went along with the consensus and never spoke out against the medical tyranny and attempted enslavement of humanity over the past three years.

It has become harder to trust people and find a tribe of „like-minded“ people engaged in the inner and outer work. It’s part of the „splitting of humanity“ I’ve written about many times.

Yet, simultaneously – and here’s the divine paradox – the struggle, painful separations, disillusionment, and the matrix forces on overdrive have also triggered an „awakening impulse“ and „forced“ many people to focus on what truly matters. Still, we must step up and answer the call, for no one will save or do the work for us. It’s a big opportunity for humanity, yet there is no guarantee.

Each time we offer the program, a few past participants re-join it and do it again [even though they already have access to the course material] because they benefit from the structure, group dynamic, community, live calls, and support Laura and I offer. We’re also working on an extension program for continuing education and support. Stay tuned!

Laura and I have worked with thousands of people throughout the years (not only online but also in person) together and individually before we met. Besides offering an extensive library of effective practices and practical tools that work and are crucial for our times, we also provide insights and reflections from life experiences you cannot just fake or pick up from a book or social media post.

We also keep learning more; we study and continuously educate ourselves and refine our skills, and by extension, we refine the program each time, for the learning never stops. Moreover, we are constantly engaged in the work and practices we teach, for we would never claim to be fully „awake“ in the true meaning of the word.

You won’t find any „special downloads, codes, or transmissions“ from us, nor do we claim to have special access to knowledge you can only get through us [always a red flag when someone is claiming that].

We don’t promise any magic healings, for, according to Divine Law, you only get as much as you are willing to give of yourself in terms of effort, will, and sincerity, i.e., „paying with yourself.“ We keep it real and grounded and focus on what truly works, not the appearance of it or superficial fast-food spirituality that may give you an initial high but keeps you depleted and malnourished.

Many participants have undergone big transformational experiences during and after the program – an ongoing process. Many of them stayed connected, building community, and some even met up in person; it is hard to describe what people get out of it, for it is an inner experience [that also manifests externally], which is different for each.

Laura and I are very grateful for everyone we have worked with and for the over forty testimonials we have received so far, many of them pretty long and detailed. They will give you the best impression of what people get from the program [see below.]

The new round starts from January 8th until April 15th, 2024, and is already filled up. Enrollment is closed.

If you want to be on the waiting list for the next round (sometime in late Spring) and be notified when we start the application/enrollment process, go here to learn more about the program and click on „JOIN THE WAITING LIST“:


Godspeed and much love!


Embodied Soul Awakening

Recent Testimonials from the last ESA round

„Thank you, Laura and Bernhard, for your profoundly enriching Embodied Soul Awakening program.

It is a program that truly supports our new earth, the evolution of consciousness, and a soul’s longing to live as close as possible to one’s divine nature/truest expression and calling. It helps navigate all that comes with the matrix/being a human, especially on this path of individuation/awakening.

I have taken many courses during my inner work journey, and no other has landed like this.

I found the four-fold approach (along with evolutionary astrology) held my whole being in a nurturing, balanced, and profoundly expansive way.

I was stretched on all levels, and it was refreshingly supportive and healing to be in a group of ‚like-minded‘ people (after the last years especially) regarding unveiling truth, committed to doing the work together, and connected to God.

Each session was held with in-depth research, supportive work, direct experience, humility, integrity, and grounded leadership. Thank you.

Much of what I moved through during the course was uncomfortable and painful, as expected. The underworld journeys of facing deeper truths of who I truly am and integrating more exiled pieces were challenging yet done with much curiosity, deeper understanding, and compassion.

This process enabled me to experience more wholeness (literally feeling more ‚whole‘) as I, too, could integrate more of my golden shadow, and since I’ve been trusting what I see and feel even more deeply. Thank you.

The program enabled me to learn about occult forces and bigger pictures playing out; this was important for me to understand to continue the path of discernment and consciously choose where I put my energy in terms of larger-scale world events, spiritual warfare, etc.

The program enabled me to begin integrating past lives and understand karma. I knew my past lives were there, yet now I am able to make sense of so many experiences and dreams, particularly. Bringing awareness to these past lives has helped my soul feel into what lessons weren’t fully learned, and now I can see some lessons my soul is still moving through in this life too. I want to learn these lessons. This is where I know my work continues.

Shadow integration for me now also means shadow prevention for my children (not entirely, of course), but this gifts a new level of awareness and consciousness – through what I potentially could be banishing in my children through not hearing and holding their fullness/uniqueness as deeply as I could be – through my unconscious projections.

I loved the astrology component of the course and know I have only scratched the surface. The reading I had with Laura was incredibly insightful. And pointed to where I know I need to allow more feelings, particularly in spaces of deeper fear and grief. It helped me see I am following my heart, gifting self-permission/trust to continue. I am still integrating the fullness of this reading. Thank you.

Overall, I am excited to be alive and keep going with this work for me and my family. To keep saying yes to my callings. I feel a deeper grounding connection to who I truly am (and, therefore, what I am here for) and haven’t even finished yet, so no doubt the journeys, impact, and aha moments will continue.

Thank you both so much for answering your individual assignments and offering this/your expressions and service in such a vital, comprehensive, and evolutionary way.

I will continue to recommend this program.“


„The course from Laura and Bernhard is unlike anything else – the depth, the structure, and the holistic nature of it makes it, in my view, the TOP course for anyone interested in becoming a more whole human being on all levels.

I felt a deep call to join this course – whenever I saw on social media or heard on the podcast that Laura and Bernhard were doing this course, something in me was calling: „Go for it.“ So I did, and am really grateful I did. My intention in taking the course was to be more in touch with what my being wants to express through me in the world… and overall be more connected to myself.

Throughout the course all kinds of things were coming up in me and in my life that I was forced to deal with and confront. Fears, shame, sadness, suppressed anger, situations where I needed to set a boundary… it wasn’t comfortable, but it is what I really needed to be more connected to myself, to be more whole.

Obviously, I’m not done, and it’s an ongoing process, but the tools and skills that I’ve learned from this course have allowed me (and still do) to confront these things in myself with more understanding, depth, awareness, and compassion than ever before.

And I am truly grateful for that. Laura and Bernhard embody a wide (and wise :-)) range of knowledge and understanding from different fields… you can feel it’s something they live.

It’s not some black-and-white thing where you only get one tool, one pointer, one view on how to approach your life. It’s very holistic and thought-out in terms of structure and what is shared (and there’s a lot of it – you get more than what you pay for, and it’s worth every penny).

Not only do you get an in-depth understanding of what it takes to be a more whole human being on all levels, but also insights on how to spot and avoid common traps on the path towards awakening, as there are many.

In short… this course has felt like „coming home“ to myself for me; it’s awakened a stronger desire in me to be more of an expression of the Divine in my life, as challenging as it sometimes is. It may sound cliché, but that’s the felt experience I got after going through the course from Laura and Bernhard. Thank you for your presence and guidance.“


„Almost from the moment I began following Bernhard and Laura’s work, I knew that there was a bigger reason behind why they had come into my awareness, and that reason was their Embodied Soul Awakening program (ESA).

I was already more than three years into a deep exploration of Self through a variety of modalities, and I had moved through some big transformations, and yet something was missing: a framework for bringing my experiences into one cohesive whole and to help me to better cognitively understand just what I had been working through.

The ESA provided this and a whole lot more besides. Bernhard and Laura’s holistic four-fold approach is extremely thorough and supports you on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level.

The content of the course is rich and plentiful; they have literally poured their hearts and souls into this and it is the best course I have ever done. It is presented beautifully and with care and attention to detail.

The physical practices of yoga and qi gong are excellent: well presented and easy to follow. I was surprised at how drawn I was to them, and I consistently practiced the qi gong on an almost daily basis for the duration of the course; it had a positive and very grounding effect on me.

There is a large variety of meditations on offer, too, and while I was comfortable with meditation prior to the ESA, I hadn’t yet established a consistent daily practice. This has changed since doing the course and I’m now on day 77 of a committed daily practice, which feels like such an achievement and has helped bring me to an even greater sense of inner peace and is further supporting me to master my in-the-moment-responses to potentially triggering situations.

I have hugely enjoyed all of the course content and have found it especially helpful to gain some theoretical context around the concepts of triggers, projections, and shadow work.

While I already had some direct experience working with these concepts, I wasn’t always able to effectively communicate about those experiences, and the knowledge provided in this course has given me a much better understanding of these themes so that I now feel better placed to engage in meaningful conversation with others who are interested in exploring the spiritual path of self-knowledge and conscious soul evolution.

I was also really interested in gaining a greater understanding of the hyper-dimensional forces at work in the world and the various ways in which they can influence humanity, and Bernhard’s knowledge and expertise in this area are vast and extremely comprehensive.

A completely new modality for me was the Internal Family Systems body of work that Laura shared in one of the modules. I found this method to be hugely insightful and felt very connected to this way of working with the various parts of the Self.

Both Laura and Bernhard present all of the information in a very clear and concise way and make the abundance of content readily accessible and easy to digest. I really admire their style of teaching and the way in which they hold space for others to learn and grow beside them. They make an awesome team, and it has been a true honor to go through this program with them.

I feel I could go on forever with praise for the various modules. I loved them all and have received so much from each of them that I would not be able to single one of them out as a favorite. They are perfectly balanced and brilliantly combined to provide a deeply immersive and soul-expanding experience.

Not to mention all of the group sharing calls and coaching calls that were an amazing addition to all of the pre-recorded content and allowed for some beautiful human interaction and heart-to-heart connections, both on the live calls and within the Telegram support group.

This profound and incredible journey has been another massive step on my life path toward greater wholeness and the full embodiment of my true essence and divine nature.

I would do it all over again without a moment’s hesitation, and for anyone considering taking the course, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It is truly the best thing I have ever invested in, and it is worth more than its weight in gold. Thank you Laura and Bernhard for this absolute gift of a shared experience with you, I am forever grateful to you both.“



Individuation, Transpersonal Self-Work, And The Great Work are NOT Self-Help, Self-Improvement, or Self-Actualization Programs

Everyone is wounded/traumatized to varying degrees. It comes with growing up
in a world of ignorance where we are disconnected from Spirit and Nature, and
pathology has become normalized. In this world, the false personality is
worshipped at the expense of losing our Essence.

Anytime we look outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfillment, it points
to a wound/hole within us where we have lost an aspect of our Essence and
connection to the Divine.

Most people try to fill these holes unconsciously by looking externally for
what they feel is missing and even dissociate from their suffering and
emotional body via avoidance, distraction, addictions, mindless media
consumption, and live cut off from the wisdom of their bodies in a
head-centric existence.

In fact, most people suffer without even knowing that they are suffering
because their mind/body connection has split, resulting in dissociation. This
boy/mind split and disconnection from essence will increase in the age of A.I.
/Transhumanism and create more entry points for occult forces to come in.

One of the most challenging things for people is to face the suffering held
within the body, which is armored under many unconscious defense mechanisms.
Real shadow work is confronting your fears and wounds (most of them are
unconscious) and addressing stored trauma in the body — which is far from a
walk in the park.

You can read books and quotes about it and may understand it intellectually,
but the work itself is painful, scary, messy, and requires immense courage,
but not the courage of being outwardly „tough.“ As Joseph Campbell said: „The
cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.“

It’s the courage not to resist discomfort, not to escape into the head or back
into your comfort zone, but to be vulnerable and feel it all in the body – for
the healing only happens through the body, beyond any intellectual analysis or
„story-telling,“ beyond any blame or victim mentality, even beyond any
premature intellective „forgiveness.“

That’s where the rubber hits the road when it comes to transpersonal
self-work, and the internal alchemical fire for transmutation gets ignited
through the friction of discomfort and „conscious suffering,“ as Gurdjieff and
many other teachers talked about, without resisting it, escaping it, nor
projecting it outwardly by blaming others or your situation.

This process of Individuation is not a generic self-improvement or self-help
program that aims to strengthen the false personality and build a better
„mask“ to help you reach external goals and fulfill desires which mainly stem
from the socially conditioned wounded ego-personality but will never result in
lasting happiness, fulfillment or love. It’s not about making your „happiness“
depend on external factors.

As Bud Harris wrote in ‚Becoming Whole‘:

„It is much more than firming up, losing weight, having more positive
thoughts, or solving problems and getting on with your life. Individuation
is not self-actualization. The mythologist Joseph Campbell noted that
self-actualization is for people with nothing better to do—people who
don’t know their personal myth or deeper purpose in life.

The humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for
security, prestige[power], self-development, and even personal
relationships, are not the primary values a person inspired by their
deeper Self, or the thread of their individuation, lives for.“

This more profound inner process requires incredible self-ownership and
responsibility for everything you feel. The only way out is through, and there
IS light at the end of the tunnel as you realize on a deep embodied level (not
just intellectually) that any fear you have had was just an illusion and
didn’t reflect your true self (essence), or that you have taken on stuff that
is not yours to carry; that you always did the best you could at any time of
your life based on where you were at. That unconditional acceptance of what
„is“ opens the space for healing on much deeper levels.

For example, you may have intellectually realized what your „issues“ are, but
as long as it’s not embodied and released somatically through your body and
felt deeply within you, all you create is a mask, armor, and buffers to avoid
facing yourself, while believing you have already worked through your „stuff.“
As Gurdjieff said, „You have to pay with yourself.“ No one else can „pay“ or
do the work for you.

This discomfort is medicine and can be used as profound teaching if we don’t
resist it. Not only that but feeling the discomfort in the body is the only
place where true healing happens.

This process also requires faith and trust and, most of all – letting go. It’s
a big lesson in gratitude and humbleness – to be utterly unconditionally
grateful for every moment, to see the beauty in simple things, to see how
nature teaches us every moment how to „be“ if we can tune into the frequencies
and energies which are hidden from us long as we live from the head, or are
armored up.

The moment we resist the presence, which is all there is, and get into our
heads (the tyrant within), we lose the connection to our essence and the
Divine, the source that loves us unconditionally and nurtures, guides, and
assists us in our individual healing process and this earthly experience
during this Time of Transition.

Doing this work is the most important thing/practice in this day and age. We
can complain about the world’s „issues“ on social media until eternity (which
sometimes starts to sound like a „never-ending flushing toilet“), but nothing
changes if we don’t go where actual change happens and where it can get really
uncomfortable: within and into the body, while also surrendering to what is
happening on a bigger picture level in light of the evolution of consciousness
beyond our personal processes and 3D Matrix distractions, political and

It’s easy to get caught up in our own „shit“ (when self/shadow-work becomes a
narcissistic self-indulgent/self-pity process) or the world’s miseries if we
forget what it is all about and what we are here to do as embodied sovereign
individuals and frequency anchors, which is really about „Being.“

That process has profound effects on the outside world (which is not really
„outside“ or separated from „you“) with regards to reality creation based on
your internal healing process as you are clearing your vessel for the Divine
force to anchor itself, reconnecting you to who you truly are and your divine

Know that you are loved and assisted at all times and that no one can take
away who and what you indeed are. However, to know this experience yourself in
your own being requires sincerity and integrity in your own process to
reconnect with your essence; this means not expecting anyone else to do the
work for you, to be „saved,“ nor expecting the world outside of you to change
„for you.“

As long as we are not sincere with ourselves and our own process to honestly
„know thyself“ beyond the personality mask, we are disconnected from essence,
which is the only true source of fulfillment, love, and wisdom that will
result in „right action“. This source is an infinite untapped resource that is
within us, waiting to be uncovered and remembered through our own sincere

If you want to learn more about the process of Individuation, listen to our

Bernhard Guenther




Nachhaltigkeit + die Entdeckung Trojanischer Pferde…

Populäre Projektionen dessen, wie eine Bewusstseinsveränderung aussehen wird, sind in den meisten Fällen nur eine Neugestaltung der „alten Denkschablonen „. Eine größere, bessere Box, in der das Paradigma aufgewertet wird, das die Bedingungen verbessert, unter denen wir unsere Sucht auf eine „grüne“ Art und Weise genießen können.

So wichtig wie das ökologische Bewusstsein ist, es ist nicht genug. Das neue Paradigma kann nicht aus der intellektuellen Abstraktion einer dualistischen Interpretation einer „besseren Welt“ verwirklicht werden, die auf der Infrastruktur der existierenden Varianten-Matrix aufbaut, die dieses Paradigma erzeugt.

Gut zu wissen
Informationen zu akutellen Themen