Co-Creation the Greater RESET Event

We Are The People

The Greater Reset Activation Event is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset. We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and choice. We invite you to join us for 5 days of discussion about the diverse opportunities available for those who seek to live in harmony with humanity and the planet, while respecting our innate freedom. 5 days of activation, JAN – 2023.


If we hope to build the next stage of humanity we must go beyond fighting for liberation in the external world. We must also seek to heal and empower our internal world. With this in mind, we will launch the 4th event, Co-Creation, by focusing on solutions for our physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Without learning to live in harmony and balance with the planet we will struggle to create a thriving world for future generations. Day 2 of Co-Creation will highlight speakers who are implementing permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and urban farming.


We believe the answers to our problems lies in Exiting from the current systems, and Building better ones. The key to building a new society is Agorism & Counter-Economics. Learn more about building alternative systems based on voluntaryism, mutual exchange, and respect for individual liberty on Day 3.


Technology – like all tools – is a double-edged sword that has the potential to spy and control, as well as empower and liberate. For day 4 of Co-Creation we will focus on digital communication technologies that provide encrypted methods for communicating. We will also examine tools which could finally bring about the original vision of a decentralized internet.


How can we best implement the knowledge we have gained from the other themes? What practices and rituals are important to developing a healthy sense of self, family and community? The final day of Co-Creation will focus on how we can create intentional communities, eco-villages, and agoras which take a holistic approach to building the new world.


The Greater RESET Event
We Are The People
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Nachhaltigkeit + die Entdeckung Trojanischer Pferde…

Populäre Projektionen dessen, wie eine Bewusstseinsveränderung aussehen wird, sind in den meisten Fällen nur eine Neugestaltung der „alten Denkschablonen „. Eine größere, bessere Box, in der das Paradigma aufgewertet wird, das die Bedingungen verbessert, unter denen wir unsere Sucht auf eine „grüne“ Art und Weise genießen können.

So wichtig wie das ökologische Bewusstsein ist, es ist nicht genug. Das neue Paradigma kann nicht aus der intellektuellen Abstraktion einer dualistischen Interpretation einer „besseren Welt“ verwirklicht werden, die auf der Infrastruktur der existierenden Varianten-Matrix aufbaut, die dieses Paradigma erzeugt.

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