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Trapped in analysis-paralysis, being unable to recognize anything above/beyond

It is “easier” to seek truth “out there” and recognize the obvious lies and deception of official culture and matrix manifestations.


From an esoteric perspective lies to the self are the most harming and hardest to detect, for we all have our subjective/unconscious blindspots, hence self-work just by oneself has its limitations, especially shadow work. It is „easier“ to seek truth „out there“ and recognize the obvious lies and deception of official culture and matrix manifestations. However, without sincere self-examination of how we tend to lie to ourselves with clever rationalizations and justifications we build a „false foundation“ and the „matrix has us“, working through our own minds -it limits our ability to separate truth from lies externally as well for we then only see what we „want to“ see that appeals to the programmed personality. 100% sincerity us impossible for there are many revolting and contradictory parts within us that resist the light and fire of internal transmutation. In fact, a sign of one’s sincerity is to see how insincere we are and how easily we come up with excuses and justifications. Being sincere with oneself can be particularly-challenging for people who predominantly live in their heads. This personality possesses a strong intellect (even a high IQ) that has the ability to rationalize and self-justify everything (including crafting a clever exterior persona), especially in relation to the lies stemming from the false personality. They also have a tendency to get trapped in analysis-paralysis, being unable to recognize anything “above/beyond” themselves, i.e. the higher intelligence of the Divine and Spirit. Caught in overriding thought loops and the rationalizing mind and cut off from the body, the door to the Divine is therefore shut – they are cut off within the prison of the monkey mind with occult forces pulling their strings. The underlying mechanism behind this behaviour is actually unconscious fear, stemming from ego/personality identification: Fear of the loss of control. Fear of surrender to the flow of life/Tao (with the resultant illusory fear of chaos) which is itself based on the fear of nature and, essentially, fear of true love and freedom. It also ties into the fear of being “insignificant”, Fear of not being “strong” (fear of appearing as “weak”). Fear of “not knowing” (and essentially the “unknown”). and fear of how others will perceive us if we’d open up to deeper, authentic expressions of humility and vulnerability (without attention-seeking self-pity or victim consciousness) Disillusionment (becoming free from Illusion) is inevitable in this process and the hardest part of Awakening. It’s the threshold to cross to be re-born in one’s true Self. – Bernhard Guenther 

“If man does not accept his situation and, in particular, his inner state as it appears to him, thanks to brief illuminations from the consciousness of the real ‘I’— if he is obstinate against all evidence, justifying his Personality by protecting himself behind logic, legitimacy and justice, he will then turn his back on the path of Access, and thrust himself further into the wilderness. JNobody can reach the path of Access to the Way [of union with the Divine], without first passing through an interior bankruptcy; a moral collapse [disillusionment].” – Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis —– “A dangerous habit is constant self-justification. When this becomes strong in the seeker, it is impossible to turn him in this part of the being to the right consciousness and action because at each step his whole preoccupation is to justify himself. His mind rushes at once to maintain his own idea, his own position or his own course of action. This he is ready to do by any kind of argument, sometimes the most clumsy and foolish or inconsistent with what he has been protesting the moment before [but not obvious to him], by any kind of mis-statement or any kind of device. This is a common misuse, but non the less a misuse of the thinking mind; but it takes in him exaggerated proportions and so long as he keeps to it, it will be impossible for him to see or live the Truth”

Sri Aurobindo, The Integral Yoga

How Your Core Beliefs Shape Your Life


Nachhaltigkeit + die Entdeckung Trojanischer Pferde…

Populäre Projektionen dessen, wie eine Bewusstseinsveränderung aussehen wird, sind in den meisten Fällen nur eine Neugestaltung der „alten Denkschablonen „. Eine größere, bessere Box, in der das Paradigma aufgewertet wird, das die Bedingungen verbessert, unter denen wir unsere Sucht auf eine „grüne“ Art und Weise genießen können.

So wichtig wie das ökologische Bewusstsein ist, es ist nicht genug. Das neue Paradigma kann nicht aus der intellektuellen Abstraktion einer dualistischen Interpretation einer „besseren Welt“ verwirklicht werden, die auf der Infrastruktur der existierenden Varianten-Matrix aufbaut, die dieses Paradigma erzeugt.

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